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  • Title: The Undying Monster
  • Release year: 1942
  • Movie genres: Drama; Horror; Mystery
  • Director: John Brahm
  • Actors: James Ellison, Heather Angel, John Howard, Bramwell Fletcher, Heather Thatcher, Aubrey Mather, Halliwell Hobbes, John Brahm
  • Movie length: 63 min.

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It's a amazing movie especially for fans of Heather Thatcher, John Brahm, James Ellison, Halliwell Hobbes. Mind blowing effects, well written, amazing direction, and great acted. I was impressed to see many weak opinions, many people are really not possible to entertain. This movie was 63 minutes long but completely entertaining, and I get enjoyment how the directors weren't scared to take chances. I've read a lot of other movie reviews that claim that there's no story. Unless you're mentally blocked or not following because you're busy the whole movie, the movie plot is pretty understandable, and plain this is my opinion. The Undying Monster Horror movie was created in 1942. Heather Thatcher, John Brahm, James Ellison, Halliwell Hobbes make the Horror motion picture fantastic. Have an own opinion? Submit them in our comment box. You should sign in.

Really loved it, and without checking other comments or being affected by anyone, on see it and hoping I hadn't wasted my money, and wow I loved it! The Undying Monster Drama movie was created in mid 1942. John Howard, John Brahm, James Ellison made this Drama picture exclusive. This film is not only a superior must watch and great film, but it is created to be a top. Still waiting? Go and start watching The Undying Monster movie right now. Do not forget to like this film.