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  • Title: Le squelette joyeux
  • Release year: 1898
  • Director: Louis Lumière
  • Actors: Louis Lumière
  • Movie length: 1 min.
  • Movie genres: Short; Fantasy; Horror

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Le squelette joyeux is a good flick especially for fans of Louis Lumière. Amazing 3d effects, very good written, wonderful direction, and good acted.

Le squelette joyeux movie was designed in 1898 and it belongs to Short genre. Stars as Louis Lumière make this Short movie exclusive. 100%, Le squelette joyeux is one of the greatest movie in Short style in 1898. Such actors like Louis Lumière made this epic movie even better. Movie length: 1 m.

Le squelette joyeux Short movie was made in mid 1898. Louis Lumière made this Short show exclusive. I'm going to keep this short: Le squelette joyeux rocks!

We hope that you 100% will enjoy this film. It is just my conclusion.

Amazing flick. Le squelette joyeux at least is a something fresh or original in 1898.

Le squelette joyeux is telling witnesses a so attention grabbing story and together with excellent acting of Louis Lumière, this film brings so many nice feelings to to all people who examined it. This is one of the best movies of Louis Lumière and you will like so much everything that gonna be here. Le squelette joyeux is one of the most anticipated films of 1898. You will realize why after watching it. Duration of Le squelette joyeux is: 1 mins. We hope you would not regret about this right choice and about watching the film.

Oh, Le squelette joyeux is amazing, it is one of the best of all films in Horror genre. It is our advice to watch the film and the playing of such a great famous actors like: Louis Lumière will take your breath away. All actors are playing wonderful but the acting of Louis Lumière is really something fascinating and sometimes unbelievable. Running time of the film is: 1 mins. You would get tons of delightful impressions during great pastime with Le squelette joyeux.

Primarily it is a very excellent picture. Don't wait an awesome production or good acting or a good manuscript because that's not what this flick is about. If you just want to sit down and watch a flick on a Friday evening just to have a quiet moment then this may be a good option.

I think you will love Le squelette joyeux flick. Cheers. ;-)