Download Flying Elephants 1928

  • Title: Flying Elephants
  • Release year: 1928
  • Movie genres: Comedy; Short
  • Director: Frank Butler
  • Actors: Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, James Finlayson, Edna Marion, Dorothy Coburn, Viola Richard, Fay Lanphier, Budd Fine, Tiny Sandford, Leo Willis, Frank Butler
  • Movie length: 17 min.

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You will definitely get so many of great impressions and will love acting of Fay Lanphier, Edna Marion, James Finlayson during pleasurable pastime with Flying Elephants, the best of all Comedy films of 1928. The idea of Flying Elephants is exciting and acting of Fay Lanphier makes it so realistic and so good. We rate this movie as 10 from 10 and we give a recommendation to everybody to start watching it now! There are just 17 min that will bring you a lot of so great positive emotions.

I am not a huge fan of the 'Comedy' genre, but I'm able appreciate these flicks and can have a good moment of my life when I watch them, however I can't say the same for Flying Elephants. There was probably likely to be lots of emotional weight to this movie but it just wasn't there for me. The harmony between all the fun and pretty high stakes was just completely off so I didn't know which film scenes to take seriously or not.

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The story has a really good cast, some really impressive production. This Flying Elephants flick was extraordinarily absolutely good. Every moment in this flick has a place and I like it when scenes come full circle. Every frame makes a hit at the end, and it gave me goosebumps. It didn't have some cool deep story but I still consider it was decent and certainly fun to watch. Primarily a mostly fun Comedy to watch and my eyes were glued to the screen the whole film. Nothing would prevent you from examining Flying Elephants if you are looking forward to watch the best of all films in Comedy category. The film of 1928 with catchy producing of famous director and so wonderful convictive acting of well-known actors like: Stan Laurel, Edna Marion, Leo Willis, Frank Butler, James Finlayson and Stan Laurel in a main role makes Flying Elephants so nice and so exciting. The duration of the film is 17 mins but you would feel a little bit disappointed about the end of the film because it is so amazing. You will like the film very much, we can give you 100% guarantee about that. I think that you 100% will like this action. It is just my point of view.