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  • Title: Fight for Your Lady
  • Release year: 1937
  • Movie genres: Comedy; Romance
  • Director: Benjamin Stoloff
  • Actors: John Boles, Jack Oakie, Ida Lupino, Margot Grahame, Gordon Jones, Erik Rhodes, Billy Gilbert, Paul Guilfoyle, Georges Renavent, Charles Judels, Benjamin Stoloff
  • Movie length: 66 min.

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Fantastic actors giving fantastic performances but the plot is flat and predictable.

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The film has roughly all the features of one of the best picture. It has a bizzare ambience, a different crispy story line, lots of action, and a beautiful image. In spite of the inability of either the story producers or director to produce wonderful characters, the story line, action and setting were full to bring the film to where it would be entertaining. Starring Gordon Jones, Ida Lupino, Paul Guilfoyle, Georges Renavent, Erik Rhodes make this Comedy movie so great. Conclusion, Fight for Your Lady movie is the greatest movie in Comedy category in 1937. Actors like Gordon Jones, Ida Lupino, Paul Guilfoyle, Georges Renavent, Erik Rhodes made the great flick even greater. Fight for Your Lady was made in 1937 and belongs to Comedy genre. Film length is 66 min. Fight for Your Lady film has a pretty world-class cast, some really stunning production. Waiting? Start watching this movie right now. Like this movie, and share it.