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  • Title: Patty
  • Release year: 1962
  • Movie genres: Drama
  • Director: Leo A. Handel
  • Actors: Merry Anders, J. Edward McKinley, Dani Lynn, Joe Conley, David McMahon, Mary Patton, Bruno VeSota, Carleton Crane, Frank Biro, Adrienne Hayes, Leo A. Handel
  • Movie length: 93 min.

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In general this is a great film for fans and none fans alike. It starts pretty fast, slows up a bit in middle. Action is satisfying although I really hated some moments redundant use of static scenes that was another proof why I docked another star but after all it was pleasant. Patty I liked a lot and think to be clear to follow along with. Patty movie belongs to Drama genre and was produced in 1962. 8) Fast sense of Patty gonna make you feel great while watching this movie. You can watch it with family online. Such stars like David McMahon, Mary Patton, Carleton Crane, Adrienne Hayes, Leo A. Handel made the movie truly exclusive. So, Patty movie is really one of the best movie in Drama genre in 1962. Movie time is 93 m. You need to see number one movie tonight? Hey? Still waiting? We know that you will gonna like this action.

Patty movie was made in 1962 and it belongs to Drama category. Actors like Adrienne Hayes, Dani Lynn, J. Edward McKinley, Leo A. Handel, David McMahon make this Drama movie so great. Yes, Patty is one of the greatest movie in Drama genre in 1962. Such actors like Adrienne Hayes, Dani Lynn, J. Edward McKinley, Leo A. Handel, David McMahon made this epic film even more better. Movie time: 93 mins. Pretty good flick. Patty at least is a something groundbreaking and innovative in 1962. If u really love examining Drama movies and want to relax with a good movie then Patty will certainly make you impressed so much! Patty movie was produced in year 1962 and the good playing of such good actors like Adrienne Hayes, Dani Lynn, J. Edward McKinley, Leo A. Handel, David McMahon makes it looking fascinating. Just better become a lucky witness of all great stuff that wait for you in Patty and you would understand that you haven't ever examined something like that before. The running time of the movie is 93 mins. We hope you would like the cool time you spent with it. I'm going to keep this short: Patty blew me away! If I should add just 1 thing that actually impressed me was the character of Adrienne Hayes. I absolutely agree with the other movie opinions here. This movie is such a great disaster of 15 years of the best super hero entertainment there is. Thinking about film, I can't really understand how the producer pulled this off. Many greatly developed characters from various story lines are performing together in a true movie symphony. I hope that you 100% will enjoy this film. It is just my IMHO.